Dr. John Di Battista & Associates - CLINICAL  PSYCHOLOGISTS

Fees for Services
Individual Therapy or Counselling - 50 minutes                        $ 150.00  per session

Individual Therapy or Counselling - 30 minutes                        $ 100.00  per session

Individual Therapy or Counselling – Bulk Billed - 50 minutes    $   0.00  per session
(Available for valid health care card holders only)

Individual Therapy or Counselling - Bulk Billed - 30 minutes     $   0.00  per session
(Available for valid health care card holders only)
Couples Counselling - 50 minutes sessions                               $ 150.00 per session
Individual or Group Counselling referred by
a community agency or employer                                               $ 200.00 per session
Psychological Assessments
(includes written report) conducted by clinically
trained psychologists                                                                   $ 500.00 per assessment      
General Consulting (eg. Agencies,
Corporations)                                                                               $ 220.00 per hour                                                                                      
Supervision – for fully registered Psychologists                          $ 100 per hour
Court Appearances as an Expert Witness :                         
– Giving evidence in court                                                           $ 500 per hour 
– Waiting time in court                                                                 $ 500 per hour 
– Travelling time to and from court                                              $ 500 per hour 

Note : A rebate of $124.50 per session (maximum 10 sessions per calendar year) is available from Medicare when referred by a General Practitioner, as part of a GP Mental Health Care Plan, or from a Psychiatrist, as part of a Psychiatric Assessment and Management Plan. Based on the above fees, this equals an "out-of-pocket' cost of $25.50 per session for clients without a Health Care Card. For Health Care Card holders, there is no "out-of-pocket fee".  For Couples Counselling, rebates may be available for holders of Private Health Insurance. 
All prices are inclusive of G.S.T. (where applicable)
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