Dr. John Di Battista & Associates - CLINICAL  PSYCHOLOGISTS
Dr. John Di Battista & Associates (JDA) is an organisation of highly qualified and well-experienced Clinical Psychologists who offer a range of psychological services to communities in the South-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
Our sevices include :
* Clinical Services -  wide range of treatment approaches are available including Hypnosis.
* Medication Reviews - assessment and recommendations
* Counselling - for any difficult life issues
* Management of Psychiatric Conditions - e.g. Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder
* Anxiety and Stress Management
* Depression - Assessment and Treatment
* Personality Disorder - Assessment and Management
* Life Coaching - including Career Direction and Goal Setting
* Behaviour Change - e.g. Smoking, Weight Loss
* Drug and Alcohol Issues - including addictions
* Gambling Problems
* Sexual Abuse Issues
* Bereavement Counselling - e.g. Grief and Loss
* Relationship Counselling - including relationship breakdowns
* Group Therapy and Support Groups
* Court and Legal Assessments
* Spiritual Wellbeing - non-religious
In addition...JDA can advise, make recommendations or refer clients to other Mental Health professionals such as Psychiatrist, Neuropsychologists, Child & Adolescent Specialists or Community Mental Health Teams.
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